Liquid Light - A Visual Imagery Palette for Healing Imagery

Centers of liquid light - Your Guided Imagery Collective Pattern Language exercise tool kit

Liquid Palette is the language of visual healing imagination of a deep guided imagery: A fluid landscape, healing pools of echoes, patterns, oscillations, shifting, drifting, and ringed tides.

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Jonna's Body, please hold

A Cancerous Dark Comedy

altCan a dark comedy influence guided imagery! See for yourself !

have included a more in-depth review of this DVD Jonna's Body in the innovation section under gleamings 
because of its extraordinary creativity and capacity for deepening a healing experience.
As a culture we are deeply influenced through the medium of film and video. The depth of visual imprinting from this DVD is significant in that it embodies an emotional component rarely seen in material dealing with cancer. It’s magic, honesty, pathos and yes humor is drawn from a true life narrative of Jonna’s cancer experience. Never a downer but always passionate and bold!

When working with guided imagery one is often asked to frame an image based on a script taken from a playbook by a therapist or recorded CD. It is more meaningful if one is able to enter into one's own depths and there find imagery that honors the self. Jonna's Body is an imaginal catalyst in bringing forth healing imagery beyond anything currently offered in the field!

I wanted to focus this review on the comments from two audiences the physician and the nurse. These comments can be found on the website for Jonna's Body. Interested read on!

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Guided Imagery Collective (GIC) approaches each product review through a lens. This might be akin to looking at a tapestry or carpet. First it's the overall experience of the product. The subtlety of how it feels, how it looks, what our expectations are around it; and is it congruent with its stated intentions described by its producers? We notice the textures and the threads and knotting because they become the essential components that deliver the healing alternative. These are metaphors for the pacing, voice, script, sound and guidance – the relaxation experience, the visualization experience, the moving towards healing experience. Even though purely subjective, we watch to follow the thread as a guide in moving thoughts or emotions or inner being from inside or outside as we experience the sound, words or symbols. As with any subjective medium we can only report our own experience and invite additional comments from the listeners. What isn’t subjective is the therapeutic modality that is the context from which the material is developed. When the techniques are readily definable we will share what we believe is the modality being shared. All that said, in the healing approach we are neutral regarding therapeutic modalities because as a very wise psychiatrist/psychologist said it is always about listening, the inner patient holds the key. We can only point to the door or the window. Sometimes they are both points of entry or exits.