Guided Imagery and John Ioannidis


Ioannidis and one more for the Placebo effect! Why Almost Everything You Hear About Medicine Is Wrong

Ok why is this innovative or who is innovative ? If the very framework of medical investigation may be  off kilter then we have a new world to journey forth in and explore. For starters it opens the door in challenging the myth of evidence-based research dictating procedures or medications. And better yet it shifts the conversation into more neutral territory regarding how as health consumers we vet information. In turn, once the playing field is neutralized new thinking and better technologies can enter the healing landscape. Read the articles and see what you get from it!

If you follow the news about health research, you risk whiplash. First garlic lowers bad cholesterol, then after more study‚it-doesn't. Hormone replacement reduces the risk of heart disease in postmenopausal women, until a huge study finds that it doesn't (and that it raises the risk of breast cancer to boot). Eating a big breakfast cuts your total daily calories, or not‚ as a study released last week finds. Yet even if biomedical research can be a fickle guide, we rely on it. But what if wrong answers aren't the exception but the rule? More and more scholars who scrutinize health research are now making that claim. It isn't just an individual study here and there that it's flawed, they charge. Instead, the very framework of medical investigation may be off-kilter, leading time and again to findings that are at best unproved and at worst dangerously wrong. The result is a system that leads patients and physicians astray-spurring often costly regimens that won't help and may even harm you‚Äù Newsweek. 

Lies, Damned Lies, and Medical Science

Much of what medical researchers conclude in their studies is misleading, exaggerated, or flat-out wrong. 

So why are doctors-to a striking extent-still drawing upon misinformation in their everyday practice? Dr.John Ioannidis (ed. REMEMBER THIS MAN) has spent his career challenging his peers by exposing their bad science". The Atlantic   

This is newsworthy and innovative because if you read the articles you may draw the conclusion all isn‚Äôt what it's made out to be regarding the sacred halls of medical institutions and research that mandates how patients or consumers receives treatment. Yes, the guided imagery collective has a position, which is this: expanding the healing circle of creative wellbeing and intelligence through education and self care management opens healing intention leading to potentially greater health and wellbeing. An informed caregiver, health care professional and patient may choose to not be overly secure in the final diagnosis or prescription once they come to the newest findings regarding treatments and medicine. Better yet an outcome that favors wellbeing may enter our healing landscape that invites broader approaches as we now are beginning to experience in integrated models of medicine (a crossover of complementary alternative medicine models with institutional medicine). This is good news and redirects the evidence-based researcher and model to be more careful now that the emperor's clothes are publicaly displayed. 

You may finally wonder what does this have to do with guided imagery. My answer is Guided Imagery is a doorway to wellbeing that is our inner passport to our narrative regarding beliefs and states of knowing and ways of learning. I think of it as an impressionistic landscape that guides me into my interior-space.  I choose my path in taking a position on what I entertain as meaningful when I have a fundamental understanding that I influence how I journey and live my life. My vision is my reality so my guided imagery is my creative intelligence guiding me into states of wholeness. There are many forms of guided imagery materials and methods but they all have one core ingredient and that is the self. I receive the information, the imagery, the script, and filter it. The more skilled or the deeper I can be inspired by this impression the greater the potential for healing activation. As a living system all is integrated and offers energy for harmony or disharmony. I trust you see what I mean, get the picture, hear me or touched by this definition. 

Want the full scoop go these two articles or search out Dr John Ioannidis. or

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