A healing Temple

Why I think of guided imagery as architecture: home/space/place... it starts inside.

Thoughts on Christopher Alexander's Luminous Ground and Guided Imagery - colliding influences.

Why Healing starts at home

Fundamentally, the body of works that support the conclusions that new physics, body mind medicine, cosmology, are pronouncing etc. etc. etc. boil down to one simple principle. We are the architects of our own being , we are the builders of our Temple" we are the keepers of the sacred self. The relevance of that principle and its implications towards healing is profound. 

Guided imagery and related practices are the bridges from which our limited self crosses into these new states of empowering healing thoughts, thus healing energies. 

Everything written for this blog (guidedimagerycollective.org) reinforces this basic principle. If this principle is a living principle already in your being then this information is just entertainment. For those of us who haven't crossed over the bridge this information is the impetus to take that step. One of the profound thinkers in the area of architecture, consciousness, and spirit is Christopher Alexander. The following material relates to his fourth book the luminous ground published by the Center for environmental structure UC Berkeley in 2003.

In the words of Christopher Alexander-" this new world of reliable knowledge allows us to build, collectively, a new picture of the world in which we apply the very high standards first created by Descartes and his colleagues about 1600 A.D.

We only allow ourselves to claim we really know something if that "something" is shareable-in principle-even if it is in the realm we call feeling or experienced ones. If I am right the world of science has been extended. I have simply found a way of taking the scientific standard of shared knowledge based on common observation, and extended this idea so that it covers inner realities, not only outer ones. In that process, we discover that the world which we can know -truly know-is a much faster and more complex one that was understood in the earlier days of purely mechanistic science which lasted from about 1600 A.D. to about 2000AD" alt

Yes, 2000 A.D.! The exciting potential which is influencing our entire system within all the sciences from applied to theoretical is pointing in a direction that has wonderful consequences for beings in 2010. As a species we are able to influence patterns of cellular networks that can influence states of well-being.

As a society of thinkers, language, symbol and metaphor are all creative ingredients for guided imagery. Building, space, place, homes, pathways, bridges, temples, fountains - you get the picture - the list is relative to our own deep self. In guided imagery we call on these symbols of deep self to nurture the psyche, the spirit, the self, the personality. When we look at space in place what we see is a relationship for our journey. We will notice the comfort experienced in finding a portal that beckons us to enter, a niche that holds the light of the burning incense or candle to comfort us. The path, the stepping stones that lead to gardens where we share in the pleasure of community and feel the nurturing of spirit. These are all aspects of divine architecture. The divine is felt in every thing. In guided imagery we call on the divine everything to nurture our beings as we enter into them through our inner muse.

The EYE of Imagination

An exciting addition  to this creative dance and renewal  is found in the final chapter of the book "Imagination and Medicine".Quoting Anthony Lawlor. "Our thoughts and emotions permeate every detail of buildings, they become symbols of identity…The pure geometry of a circle is the guiding idea for stadium domes and cabinet door knobs. Look beyond the surface of things and you see the force of imagination shimmering within the shape, color, and texture of every human creation each nuance of form and light communicates a different quality of imagination… Imagination encourages healing by linking the design of buildings to the design of our bodies. A round opening placed at the apex of the dome to receive sunlight is called an oculus. This shape mirrors the circular design of the nerves that enable the eye to perceive light. A labyrinth's twists and turns embody the winding pathways of the brain. Architecture promotes renewal when it reinforces these primal connections." pg 201

Finally a quote from Alexander "this feeling, though modern in its form, is, in its essence, similar to the medieval masons desire to make each stone as a gift to God."

"But it arises, now, not as a religious or superstitious belief, but as a result of a new understanding of the structure of the universe." ... As an architect I realized what my efforts in architecture have been about. All the efforts I have made, at their heart, just as one intention: to bring back our AWE... and to allow us to begin again to make things in the world which can intensify this AWE" 

The Luminous Ground: The Nature of Order, Book 4 - Hardcover (Nov. 2003) by Christopher Alexander

Imagination and Medicine (Paperback)

by Stephen Aizenstat, Robert Bosnak

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