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The Collective morphs

The collective morphs into a collaboration There is a new offering and a new team 3rd Messenger and Aqteshna Ana    3rd Messenger’s purpose is to inspire, support and foster heart centered caring by sharing experiences that can enhance “being”. Being in c [ ... ]

A healers voice is stilled Remembering David Simon

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A healer’s Voice is stilled –in remembrance of David Simon Early in the launch of the Guided Imagery Collective one clear voice inspired much of what the voice of healing is bringing forth. That voice o [ ... ]

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A commentary/review on A New Culture Of Learning.

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“Between the Gap” playing with technology and guided imagery.  Thomas and Seely Brown’s A New Culture Of Learning is a significant work adding to the continuous flow of creative intelligence that takes the current horizon of science, technology and healing and gives them a push int [ ... ]